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2013 Prinoth Husky (SOLD)

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2013 Prinoth Husky with 12 way blade, tiller with hydraulic wings and three independent track setters, auxiliary fuel tank, steering wheel, less than 2400 hours.  Seating for two, bush guards, LED lighting, Tier 3 EPA emissions rated (no DEF or after treatment headaches).  190HP MTU Diesel.  No cruise control on this model.  3.15m track to track edge width.

Machine is currently in Europe arriving March/April 2023.

Up until this unit leaves Europe it can go to the East or West coast of North America.

Contact us for pricing.

Service History (by Prinoth)

the following items followed by the date and hours completed:

  • Engine oil and filter change service
  • fuel filter change
  • wheel and pump oil change service
  • change air filter
  • Greasing

04/2015: 324 hours
05/2016: 665 hours
04/2017: 974 hours
05/2018: 1390 hours
05/2019: 1730 hours
06/2020: 1965 hours
04/2021: 2122 hours
05/2022: 2302 hours

  • hydraulic oil filter change

04/2017: 974 hours
06/2020: 1965 hours

  • suspension check and wheel bearing change

06/2020: 1965 hours

  • alternator belt change



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